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Be Like Scott

I went to my first-ever "town hall meeting" last night with Congressman Scott Peters. After listening to his responses to questions posed by those in attendance, I feel very fortunate to have an intelligent, articulate person representing my district in Washington, DC. (It's remarkable how many districts across the country have elected complete bozos with spoiled pudding for brains.) He and I agree on almost everything, and I was so glad to hear him say that he is in a "panic" about global warming. Me, too. We all should be, but most people don't "get" it yet. Scott worked as an environmental attorney for 15 years before he got into San Diego politics. After serving as a City Councilmember in my district, he moved on to other jobs where he could effect change to help clean up our act. He knows a thing or two about the environment.

We can all change our personal behavior to help slow down our destruction of the environment as I've outlined in my Action Plan. But we must recognize that the biggest changes will come from governments and corporations around the world, which is why I'm thankful that we have a representative who is willing to introduce legislation and "work across the aisle" to implement change that can have a real effect on the environment we're leaving for our children and their children.

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How do you think our politicians are doing? Do you think they're addressing the looming existential threat? Every country needs the political courage to look beyond current distractions and interests.

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09 juin 2019

Today, Sunday June 9 on NPR was a great lengthy discussion and several TED talks on climate change and the fact that we have 12 years or less to take serious action on CO2. The program was great in that it dealt with both reducing emissions AND scrubbing the atmosphere to remove CO2. My wife's son-in-law is working on fusion reactors and he says they are close to scalable proof-of-concept for commercial power generation at zero emissions. Wouldn't that be nice! Another guest on the show talked about Canadian efforts to remove CO2 from the atmosphere at scale. So ideally, using basically existing technology (or close to it) we have a way to manage CO2 and possibly save the pl…

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