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Wild Weather & Climate Change Deniers

My sister is worried that her home will be under water in 25 years. Given the weather conditions her home town of Charleston is going through, I don't think she'll have to wait that long. Most of Charleston is still under water today. It's a "mix" of fresh (rain) and salt (ocean) water...the proverbial "perfect storm."

Years ago my dad made an astute observation about how much the ocean water will expand due to temperature rise even if the glaciers don't melt. He wasn't alone in this observation. Scientists share his concern, and they warned us years ago of the positive feedback cycle that could make the temperatures rise faster after the glaciers are gone.

This Penn State article includes a chart produced by NOAA years ago that warned us. But the climate change deniers keep their heads in the sand. They won't be able to breathe once that sandy hole is filled with water.

The perversely entertaining part of the human tragedy is that the people in the homes being flooded are quite likely to vote for local, regional, and national politicians who are in the pockets of the oil and gas lobbyists who are partly to blame for the condition we're in.

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