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Your Vote Can Help Change the World for the Better

Hey, did you know the USA's primary elections start on March 3rd? Look here for the list of primaries by state so you can mark your calendar if you don't already vote by mail.

If you are an American citizen and at least 18 years of age, you are hopefully registered to vote. If you are NOT registered, you're missing your #1 opportunity to do something good for our environment. (Start your registration here, please!) Despite all the things you can do to help preserve nature, the biggest impact is from government & industry:

Government ▶ Regulations ▶ Industry Emission & Recycling Practices

The "government" part is where you come in with your VOTE. Please be sure to vote in both the primary elections and the November general elections. Check the "Give Green" website here to see if your favorite candidates feel as strongly about preserving the environment as you do. By donating to Give Green or the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) action fund you can help fight the current administration's continuing efforts to roll back environmental protection.

Thanks for taking the time to vote!

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