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Money Is Ultimately the #1 Killer

While most people can agree that war is a terrible thing, we still seem to encounter ambiguity about global warming. While idiotic members of Congress bring in snowballs to prove that global warming is a hoax, the fossil fuel companies that fund their campaigns continue to ramp up production. The UN's Environmental Program and a number of climate scientists released the first "Gap Report" earlier this month (November 2019). The report examines the discrepancy between the sum total of all countries’ planned fossil fuel production and global production levels consistent with limiting warming to 1.5°C or 2°C.

It's not looking good at all, people. Us humans seem to lack self-restraint, even when our own survival is dependent upon it. The power of money is prevailing over the collective wisdom of the ages.

See more here: www.productiongap.org

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