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Baby Steps by Large Corporations Can Make a Big Difference

Chase clear-cut forest
Chase in the 21st Century: "Sorry, we can't email you a receipt for your ATM transaction."

We use a couple different banks for personal and business needs, including Wells Fargo and Chase. My "default" receipt at Wells Fargo is an email message that is sent right after my ATM transaction—whether a withdrawal or deposit—has completed. Chase Bank does not offer this as an option. (I confirmed this with a banker inside.) You can choose "no receipt" (which is not reassuring) or a printed receipt, using the [hazardous] BPA-containing, non-recyclable "thermal paper" so common at almost every point-of-sale. I'm not too upset about the 14 inches of toxic waste. I'm upset about the laziness of a major financial powerhouse for not including such a logical, more environmentally friendly option, which translates to countless miles of this fading, hard copy record. BTW, the email is also handy for someone who keeps detailed electronic records like I do, because that email can be saved individually as a PDF file in the appropriate folder.

Come on, Chase. You can do better.

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